When Is the Best Time To Replace Your Siding


The Short Answer:

It’s right around the corner! Fall is generally the best time to replace your siding. The dryness of Fall and its mild temperatures (ideally around 50-60 degrees) offer great conditions for quick and high-quality siding install. 

The Longer (and helpful) Explanation:


Vinyl siding is great because of its low maintenance, but it is a bit finicky when it comes to proper siding installation. It is exceptionally temperature sensitive, which means installing it in times of extreme heat would be setting your home up for less than its best. During the summer, vinyl siding can stretch, or even melt, from the heat. When it contracts back in the winter, there’s a chance the stretched material will have been nailed too tightly and thus crack.  

The idealness of mid-temperature conditions also carries over to installation of wood siding. 


Cold temperatures (below 50 degrees) are also not the ideal scenario for vinyl siding. This can cause the material to contract and become brittle, which can easily lead to buckling or breaking.

Fall siding installation is the perfect opportunity to seal gaps and from the existing, aged siding and add a house wrap before winter to keep your home warm and the heating bill down. 


Spring can be too wet of a time to get the job done efficiently. Heavy rainstorms during installation could expose your home to mold. Further, the unpredictability of weather is a culprit that’s not worth dealing with if not completely necessary: Re-scheduling multiple times or having to stop work halfway through a job because of sudden rain can be best avoided by staying clear of Spring. 

As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for the most reliable time of year to plan your new siding job we recommend scheduling for the Fall. 

If you think it’s time to have your home’s siding replaced, give us a call to request a quote. We’d love to chat. 

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