Top 10 Ways To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home


First impressions are key. Whether it’s the feeling your home gives you when you return from a hectic day away or a tactic to help your house fly off the market when selling, curb appeal is something from which we all can reap benefits.

As a starting place, here are our top 10 recommendations of ways to heighten your curb appeal (and show off a little to your neighbors):

1      Start at the top: The roof is something that isn’t usually picked out as a glamorous part of a home’s exterior, but it can have a huge impact on the overall perception of a home. Missing shingles? Dull color? It may be time to clean or replace. This is one place our expertise shine.

2      Style counts: While house numbers are incredibly functional, they are also an easy (and relatively inexpensive) way to show off your personal style.

3      Put on the pressure: Pressure washing everything from your siding to your driveway to your deck will give you the feeling of a fresh start.

4      Liven it up: There’s nothing like planting some live flowers to bring a “pop” to your exterior. Start with some hanging baskets and window boxes, and then take it a step further by planting in your landscaping. Professional help may be much appreciated here.

5      Add shutters: Including shutters around your windows will dress them up and add an extra welcoming feeling. There are many options to go with here, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum and more.

6      Paint with detail: Freshening up the paint on the smaller accent areas of the house can go a long way. We suggest including trim, window boxes, and the mailbox.

7      Front and Focal: The front entry is the focal point of the home’s exterior, and replacing or refinishing the front door is a beautiful way to spruce it up.

8      Light it up: Add accent lights throughout your landscaping. fixed to the side of the house, or to light up the walkway. This will provide instant style – and we all know style is in the details, right?

9      Replace those gutters: Old gutters are likely showing peeling paint and rust, and if they’ve been neglected could require a good cleaning. All of this is something we can come out and help with.

10   A complete facelift: While one of the more expensive options, it may be time to give your entire house a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to ask around for several quotes, and specify that the house will be power-washed first and that you will be receiving two coats of paint.

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