Roofing Terminology 101 [Updated 2022]

Do you ever feel like there is a second language you have to learn once you become a homeowner? We never want tricky roofing terminology to keep you from having a comfortable, confident discussion with a contractor about home updates/repairs, so we’ve put together a glossary of some key terms we think will help you out!

Blow-Offs: When shingles are forced off of a roof from high winds

Cupping: When the edges of an asphalt shingle curl, forming a cup

Drip Edge: Installed to protect the edges of your roof, this is an installed lip that keeps shingles up off the deck at edges and extends them outwards

Eave: The edges of the roof that overhang the building’s side (roughly the first three feet across a roof)

Fascia: The vertical band that acts as the layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoors

Low Slope: When a roof pitch is less steep, it may require a special shingle installation process

Nesting: The process of installing a second layer of shingles on top of the original roof to help prevent cupping

Soffit: The exposed surface under the overhanging of a roof eave that helps with attic ventilation

Valley: Where two adjoining sloping roof planes intersect, creating a “V” shaped valley

Please let us know if you have any questions about your roofing or home’s exterior needs. We’d love to help!

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