How to Pick the Right Color Shingle for Your Home


A new roof is a big investment, but also an exciting opportunity to give a home a fresh new finish! Did you know it’s about 40% of a home’s overall exterior? The color of your shingles can be the piece that ties the rest of the exterior design elements (think: brick, shutters, doors, etc.) together. Bonus: it’s also a great way to add a boost of curb appeal (which is great for you, your neighbors, and potential future buyers).

So, now that we’ve done our best to convince you it’s an exciting decision, here are some tips to help you navigate the process.

1.     Let the Brick Guide You:

While shutters, doors, paint colors, landscaping, and other features can change fairly easily, brick is here to stay on a home.  If your home has brick, remember that red tones generally pair well with neutrals (browns, blacks, and greys), and the more tonal variation the brick has the less color variation you’ll likely want to include in your shingles. Balance is key.

2.     Virtually Visualize It:

Take advantage of the free app we can offer you to visualize what each shingle color would look like on your home – using a real image of your home! Our company is certified Owens Corning™ Roofing Preferred, which means we can offer you the Design EyeQ® SnapShot™ tool for free. This tool helps homeowners visualize what different shingles look like on their home’s unique style. In addition to comparing up to 3 different shingles at one time, the app also has a Shingle Color Catalog that shows full screen shingle swatches.

3.     Visit to Visualize:

Ask your roofing contractor for some sample homes in your area that you can visit. Often, they will have a list ready to provide which includes some recent homes they’ve completed in the colors you’re interested in seeing. This is a great recommendation for those who prefer to experience something in real-life, rather than on a screen.

4.     Check with Your Neighborhood:

This tip is primarily for those who live in a neighborhood run by an association. You’ll want to be sure that the HOA has no guidelines or rules on shingle colors. However, it never hurts to also talk to your neighbors for some inspiration! If you like the color of their roof, ask them what color they have.

5.     Browse for Some Inspiration:

Check out Owens Corning’s website for their “Design and Inspire” tool. They have fantastic resources for design inspiration, style boards, paint and shingle color pairings, and more!

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