How to Know if Your Roof Needs Patched or Replaced


Replacing a roof when all it needed was some repair is a decision that could cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why we want to help you make an educated decision on the topic.

If your home has experienced damage from hail or fallen limbs, don’t be too quick to assume its repairs will equal a total roof replacement. Damaged shingles can be pinpointed, removed, and replaced. And, yes, this repair can add 10-15 years back to the life of the roof! However, the key watch-out in doing so is to be careful that the new shingles match the old ones that are being replaced. If an exact match no longer is available on the market, work with your contractor to find a close match. This will help curb appeal and, ultimately, resale value.

You may sometimes find that a significant section of your roof needs replaced, while the rest still has some life left. However, in this scenario it’s good to ask around, get some quotes for both partial and total replacement, and consider the long-term effect of the decision you make. If it costs more to replace part of your roof than it would to have the entire roof repaired (ie, costing $5,300 to have half of the roof replaced versus costing $10,000 to have the entire roof replaced – $5,000 for each half) it may make most financial sense to go ahead and have it all replaced at the same time.

However, talk to your contractor if you need time to save up for the total roof replacement. Fixing a leak as an interim repair or replacing some shingles may be just what you need to make sense in your financial scenario. Be honest with yourself and with what is feasible. Everyone’s scenario is different.

The only way to know for sure what’s best for you roof is to have a roofing expert get up on it and check it out. Honesty is important to us, and we’d never try to sell you more than your home needs. That’s the Eads difference.

We also provide free insurance assessments to the greater Indianapolis and Kokomo areas. If you’ve been affected by wind, hail or storm damage, give us a call to schedule your assessment.

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