How to Clean Your Roof


Your roof is one of the most valuable assets you own and is part of your first-impression curb appeal. It’s no wonder you want to keep it looking clean and pristine, and we’ve got some tips on how to do so.

You can clean a roof yourself or you can hire a professional to do it. If your roof is extra tall or steep, it may be best to bring in some outside help. However, if you’re up for the challenge of cleaning it on your own, here’s what you should know:

*If getting on your roof, please always be sure to take proper safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings


You’ll want to remove excess debris to avoid causing rainfall blockage, leaks, rotting, and more. One of the easiest ways is to do this by hand if it is light enough. You can also use common tools you likely already own, like a blower, brush, or soft broom. Please be careful not to apply too much pressure with the broom, since there is a risk of harming shingles.


The most common type of roofing stains is black stains. Although most people tend to think this is mold, it is most often algae stains. Areas on the roof that do not get much sun tend to be damp for elongated periods of time, leaving behind dead algae and causing these stains. Before selecting a chemical cleaner to use on your shingles for this, please contact a roofing professional to verify that it is safe for your type of shingle. You can even buy a small number of shingles from a local home store to test out the cleaner on first.

Be careful with (and avoid) the common approach of bleach and a power washer. Harsh bleach can affect the color of your roof, lightening the shingles, and can even harm your landscaping when it runs off. Power washers, while even at their lightest setting, can incur damage to your shingles.

Happy cleaning! 

If you have any questions about the cleaning process or would like some help in doing so, please contact us. We would love to meet you.

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