How Long Will Siding Last?

Are you in the process of picking siding for your new home? If you’ve narrowed in on longevity as a key factor for your decision, we’re here to help out! We’ve put together an overview of the most common types of siding and how long you can anticipate they’ll stand up to the elements and protect your home.

Listed in order of expected life:

Wood: 15 – 40 years

·       In addition to lower life expectancy, plan for the most maintenance required with wood siding. It needs to be regularly inspected for rot and mold and refinished roughly every 3 years.

Vinyl: 20 – 40 years

·       This is a great cost-effective option, and the one with the lowest amount of maintenance required. It also doesn’t easily scratch, dent, or rot!

Fiber cement: 20 – 40 years

·       This is a relatively newer option that has been increasing in popularity. It is low-cost, low-maintenance, and rather durable.

Aluminum: 30 – 50 years

·       Expect a moderate amount of maintenance with aluminum siding. At about half of its life expectancy, the baked-on enamel coating will likely begin to fade and will need repainting.

Brick: 50+ years

·       This would be one of the longest lasting options you could choose. Brick is a premium option, but a solid choice.

If you have any questions about siding, or about any of your home’s exterior needs, give us a call! We’d love to help.

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