How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?


Is there a metal roof on a home you’re looking to buy or are you considering putting one on your home? If so, one of the first questions you may have wondered is: How long will it last? We’re here to help you with an answer to that!

Metal roofs are rising in popularity because they are low-maintenance, lightweight, and heavy duty. It is also an affordable option (if you factor in the life expectancy) with great durability. The average lifespan is actually about double that of asphalt shingles (40 years vs 20 years). This, of course, depends on the grade and thickness of metal – the thinner the metal the shorter the lifespan.

In addition to longevity, metal roofs are a great option because they are resistant to the elements, such as fire, mildew, rot, and insects. They also easily shed snow, keep unwanted moisture out of the house, and shield away the radiant heat from the sun (saving on air conditioning and energy costs).

As we stated, metal roofs last roughly 40 years, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’ve decided on a metal roof and are looking to make it last as long as possible:

·       It’s a good practice to hose the roof down every now and then once installed, but the overall maintenance is quite low – much lower than other roof types.

·       Sometimes painted finishes on the metal can peel or fade, but those are also quite durable with guarantees for about 30 years. Just be sure that you get a guarantee on it.

·       Metal roofs are prone to denting if hail or other storm damage occurs, but the damage is minimal compared to what asphalt shingles would experience under similar conditions. Periodically assess whether the aesthetics of a dent are worth repair costs to you.

·       Be sure that a fastening system is included when the roof is installed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the metal as it warms and cools.


All in all,

metal roofs are a great option for homeowners looking for durable, reliable quality. If you’d like to learn more about them, as well as any other type of roofing material, we’d love to chat with you. Please give us a call!

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