How Long Do Wood Shingles Last?


If you dare to be different, you may be looking into putting wood shingles on your home to give it a unique look. Let us answer a couple of questions you may have about them to help you along as you’re making this decision.

One of your first questions is likely, “How long would wood shingles last?”. To answer, they typically can hold up roughly 30-40 years.

This answer can vary depending on:

·      The slope of your home’s roof

·      The amount the shingles would be exposed to overhanging trees and other debris, and even their exposure to shade

·      The quality of the shingles

·      The extent of proper install and ventilation for the shingles (we make it our promise to be dependable and reliable in this area)

The best way to make your wood roof last as long as possible is to have it routinely maintained and cleaned (every 2-3 years once it is over 10 years old is a good rule of thumb).

The shingles themselves are very durable, it’s the outside elements they are exposed to that can cause the need for premature replacement. Regular cleaning is intended to prevent water damage or destruction from infestation that could have been avoided if monitored properly. In fact, you’ll find after talking to an expert in the area that often homeowners believe their wood roof needs to be replaced, when it really just needs a thorough cleaning.

If you have any questions about your existing wood shingle roof or would like to learn more about having one installed on your home, please give us a call! We’d love to chat.

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