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Questions To Add To The List To Ask Your Home Inspector

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned expert, the home inspection process can always be a bit nerve-wracking. While there are plenty of questions to ask, which can largely depend on the unique home itself, there are a few that might not often come to mind that are very important.



1.    How long do you think the roof will last?

Often the inspector can help you plan for the life expectancy of the roof and even help with a plan for minor repairs now that could help you extend the longevity of the roof in a cost-effective way.


2.    Is there proper insulation and venting in the attic?

This could affect both your future energy bills, as well as future repairs needed (ie, from ice damming).


3.    How does the guttering system look?

Gutters are more important than you may even realize. They help protect the house from foundation problems, water damage to siding, water damage to shingles, and more.


4.    If this was your house, would you fix it? If so, what type of professional should I hire? 

Inspectors know that no home is perfect, and have a great understanding for which of these flaws are actually urgent.


Knowing the state of your roofing and guttering system can help you plan for expected costs of repairs/replacements and can help you in planning your negotiation in the home-buying process.

Please give us a call if you would like us to take a look at your roof and offer any advice as a follow-up to your home inspection. Thank you for considering Eads Roofing.


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