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Is My Roof Leaking?

It’s often a tough spot to be in as a homeowner, trying to distinguish between what’s a real issue and what’s just something you’re paranoid about being a potential issue. A leaky roof is not one of those you want to take a gamble on and ignore. So, we’ve put together a list of signs to look for to know you’ve got a leak.

Trust your senses!

1.     You see water stains

These stains may be on a home’s interior, mostly on the ceilings or walls. This discoloration is often obvious, but can also be hidden in darker corners of the home. Stains can also show signs of leaks on a home’s exterior. For these, pay close attention to right under the roof line.

2.     You hear a drip

Keep an eye out for persistent drops. Even if they seem to initially go away, the root of the leak may not be fixed. We always suggest having your home inspected if moisture can be seen. Often, an ice dam (from freezing and then melting winter precipitation) can be the cause of this, and preventative action is recommended for the roofing system in order to fix and prevent this from happening again.

3.     You feel moisture

Often you won’t hear those drips of water, but you’ll notice them as moisture beading on the walls or ceiling. Dampness is still important to have checked out.

4.     You smell mold (although not all mold has an odor)

Mold, if present, will often be near the discoloration from water on walls or ceilings. This is a clear sign of a persistent leak that is worth attention and repair. Be sure to keep an eye on the home’s interior and exterior for this indicator.


If you observe any of these signs of leaks or would like us to provide an expert opinion, please give us a call! We’d be happy to help.

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