5 Unique Outdoor Holiday Decorations We Love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most beautiful time to show off the exterior of your home! We simply love all things home-related, so we had some fun putting together a list of 5 unique outdoor decorations for the holiday season.

1.     Tomato Cage turned Christmas Tree: These are a great way to take something you may already have, or can purchase for very cheap, and turn them into something extremely beautiful. We love these as part of front porch décor.

2.     Lanterns – These are a great way to add an extra festive touch to your walkway, and also to help light up the way so your guests can see where the snow and ice is more clearly.

3.     Pre-lit Garland/Wreaths: These add a natural touch, with a bit of extra sparkle, to your exterior decor. They’re the perfect complement to the exterior lights affixed to your home’s roof.

4.     Tree-Hanging Snowflakes:  Capture the magic of a snowy day, every day! No ice or shoveling necessary with this dreamy look.

5.     Pre-lit Outdoor Tree: We often buy pre-lit trees for our home’s interior, why not utilize this convenience for the exterior as well?

This list is not an endorsement of any specific products, but rather a fun collection of inspirations to get you started in your holiday décor planning for years to come. Happy holidays from Eads Roofing!

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