2 Key Signs It’s Time for New Windows

If you have been in your home for more than 20 years or have bought an older home, it may be time to start considering if it’s time for new windows. To help make this decision, we’ll share two key signs that it could be time to replace your windows.


Window damage can take on many forms, and there are definitely certain types that warrant replacing windows more than others. Have you noticed that your windows stick when they’re opened or closed? This could be due to a warped frame among other potential reasons and is worth having a professional inspect. Other types of damage to keep an eye out for include windows not staying open and the frame showing visible signs of cracking or rotting.

One further item to look for is condensation buildup or foggy windows. This trapped condensation will block light, but even more of a concern is that it could lead to mold.


Old windows can let heat escape in the winter, and cold air escape in the summer.  Have you noticed your windows are cold to the touch in the winter or hot to the touch in the summer? Have you noticed that you have single pane vs. double pane glass? These could all be signs of the cause of the excessive energy bill. Windows can account for roughly 25% of lost energy in a house, so if you are noticing these signs it is likely a contributing factor to your rising energy bills.


If you’ve experienced either of these signs or would like a professional opinion about your windows, give us a call. We’d love to meet you and chat about the services we offer.